• High quality, durable and realistic synthetic lawn.

Our Product

Top Shelf

Ever popular C filament yarn technology with great value for money without compromise on specification. Firm under foot for excellent strength.

35mm Pile Height

11,300 Dtex – Spine Filament 2 Tone fibre and 2 Tone Thatch

Double PP + Latex Backing System


Our highest specification grass. World leading technology with revolutionary 6 tone yarn combination.

35mm Pile Height

17400 Dtex – W Blade, S Blade, Straight Monofilament and 2 Tone Thatch

Double PP + Latex Backing System

Joining Tape

Premium grade grey butyl rubber joining tape is easy to use and gives a high strength bond.

Green U Pin

150mm Green u pins are designed to blend in with the grass and also provide exceptional durability. While securing the grass down they also reduce the chance of grass shrinkage.

Grass Nail

125mm zinc plated nail suitable for harder sub-base applications where u pins can’t penetrate easily.

The One

The One is a non-directional 38mm turf. The One combines the best features of Landscape turf with all of the characteristics of a non-directional sports turf with exceptional durability to match.

The One is a 3 tone turf made up of Matt Emerald , Graceful Olive and Graceful Yellow fibres.

With the unique stitch combination it can be laid in any direction drastically reducing waist and the best appearance from any viewing angle.


About us

Urban Grass Wholesalers have been supplying premium landscape quality artificial turf to Australian clients for a number of years now.

We focus on quality products that will stand the test of time.