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Advantages of fake grass

Advantages of fake grass

Perth’s fake grass industry has grown exponentially within the past decade, as home and business owners seek to achieve landscaping goals with minimum time and cost investment. The advantages of installing fake grass in Perth are endless and play on West Australian’s traditionally outdoor focused lifestyle.

Making the decision to install artificial lawn is easy when you consider the advantages it has to offer over traditional turf. As Perth’s fake grass specialists , we are committed to providing an experience that includes the following benefits:

Low Maintenance:

Fake grass saves you time and money - no mowing, watering, fertilising or weeding required. When installing fake grass in Perth, your garden will maintain it’s lush look throughout the year, making you the envy of your neighbourhood. Artificial grass is a carefree option that allows you to create memorable moments and enjoy your outdoor lifestyle, without wasting time on mindless chores.

Lush and Evergreen, Looks and Feels Real:

With the seemingly relentless summers in Perth, fake grass is an excellent option to ensure your outdoor area looks inviting and green all year round. Your neighbours will be baffled as to why you never spend time mowing, weeding and correcting brown patchy areas. With fake grass you will have more time for entertaining and can still enjoy the benefits of soft, spongy turf underfoot.

Pet and Family Friendly:

From pets to family our fake synthetic lawn will stand the test of time. With correct maintenance an odour free turf is easy to achieve with our superior specification of turf.

UV resistant:

Our harsh hot and dry climate makes it difficult to maintain constantly healthy looking grass. By installing fake lawn in Perth - you need not worry about ugly brown patches appearing, or spending hours keeping your garden moist. Our uniquely engineered fake turf has a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years and is UV stabilised with SBR Latex backing for superior strength.

Water Saving:

Requiring no water, the use of fake grass in Perth is a popular way to combat harsh summers and large water bills. A viable option for family play and outdoor entertainment areas, fake grass is the ultimate low maintenance solution for permanently green grass without drawing on water reserves – or your bank account.

Environmentally Friendly:

Synthetic lawns require absolutely no fertilising with harsh chemicals or weeding. An environmentally conscious solution , many of our customers in Perth install fake grass to reduce the cost of maintenance as well as their carbon footprint.

Great for Difficult Areas:

Suited to almost any surface, fake grass can be laid over wood, concrete, firmly packed soil and hard floors. You may also have shady areas in your garden where the lawn just does not grow. If you’re gardening in Perth, fake grass will ensure you never have to endure unsightly, muddy or dry patches – and it looks and feels natural underfoot.

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It’s simple - fake grass provides you with benefits that traditional turf cannot not offer. Once installed, you can sit back, relax and enjoy pure, green, soft synthetic fake lawn by Urban Grass Wholesalers .

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